Through education, ALLMEP members pave the way to shared society in Israel

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By allmepadmin / March 7 2019

With the number of Arab Ph.D. candidates more than doubling in the last decade and programs like The Abraham Initiatives’ Academia as a Shared Space gaining traction, education is proving to be an important channel for creating a more equal society for all Israelis. The rise in Palestinian citizens of Israel pursuing doctoral degrees as well as bachelor’s degrees demonstrates that the work of organizations like The Abraham Initiatives, Givat Haviva, Hand in Hand, and Sikkuy creates long-term and tangible positive change.

By building educational opportunities that bring together students of diverse backgrounds, these organizations are not only enabling students to interact and connect, but also empowering them to lead better lives and building economic equality among them.

Thus, such organizations build the framework and set the stage for a more equal shared society in the region.

In an opinion piece for The Times of Israel, Sarah Gordon of The Abraham Initiatives stated:

With Arabs making up roughly 20% of Israel’s population, and more of them attending higher education, I believe programs like TAI’s are crucial for promoting greater inclusion in colleges and universities. In turn, these institutions can harness their diversity and become an example for an equal and shared society on the national level.

Read more about the powerful impact shared education organizations are doing:

Photo credit: The Times of Israel

Through education, ALLMEP members pave the way to shared society in Israel

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