ALLMEP launches Alumni Leadership Forum

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By allmepadmin / June 18 2019

ALLMEP is excited to announce the launch of The Alumni Leadership Forum, a groundbreaking program aimed at leveraging the power and diversity of the thousands of graduates of Israeli-Palestinian peacebuilding programs.

Rooted in ALLMEP’s theory of change is an understanding that Israelis and Palestinians who have passed through our members’ programs form a privileged constituency who together can establish the foundations for lasting peace in the region.

Over the past decades, Israeli and Palestinian peace NGOs have produced tens of thousands of program alumni who have been transformed by the experience of engaging with the Other. Yet too often, even the most empowered of organizations are understandably preoccupied with the ongoing work of recruiting and training new participants rather than ensuring that those who have already graduated are leveraging their experience towards social and political impact. This is why ALLMEP, in partnership with the Social Venture Fund for Jewish-Arab Equality and the Israeli Forum of Alumni Organizations, has created the Alumni Leadership Forum.

This pilot year brings together 21 alumni coordinators to learn from each other’s best practices, maximizing resources and conducting joint activities to advance the sphere of alumni engagement. Meeting monthly and culminating in an annual conference, ALLMEP’s Alumni Forum seeks to professionalize field-wide alumni engagement, placing it at the center of our collective theory of change. The goal is to forge a real community of next-generation leaders impacted by this programming, who can emerge and play a central role in shaping a more peaceful future in their respective communities.


ALLMEP launches Alumni Leadership Forum

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