ALLMEP holds first-ever alumni conference

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By allmepadmin / August 28 2017

The Alliance for Middle East Peace held its first Alumni Fair on August 18th, 2017 at Givat Haviva. ALLMEP has long recognized the need to create an alumni network of people-to-people graduates to serve the many participants of our member organizations and enhance cross-organizational initiatives and cooperation. We know that many organizations may offer training for their graduates and they may also want to create a group of alumni to assist them in future guiding and facilitation tasks, whether as formal staff members or as volunteers. The organizations may also want to leverage their investment in their program participants, enabling them to scale and formalize their influence in other sectors of society.

By building a community of alumni across different organizations, participants can embed their personal experience in a larger community of peacebuilders and realize that they are not alone but rather part of a wide community of changemakers. Our goal is to enable the creation of a movement of graduates, to advocate for their organizations and take leading positions as policymakers in the future for the benefit of their goals for the peace and shared society community.

In our first-ever Alumni Fair, ALLMEP asked its 100+ member organizations to invite their alumni and present options for follow-up programming to their colleagues in the field. On August 18th, over 100 graduates of people-to-people programs attended the Alumni Fair and heard presentations from 15 different representatives of ALLMEP’s membership. Click here to read one-page programs that were offered by ALLMEP’s members and view photos from the Alumni Fair on our ALLMEP’s Facebook page.


Photos by Chen Leopold

ALLMEP holds first-ever alumni conference

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