9,000 gather for a powerful 2019 Israeli-Palestinian Memorial Day

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By allmepadmin / May 8 2019

On May 7th, 9,000 people gathered in Tel Aviv and around the world for the joint Israeli-Palestinian Memorial Day Ceremony, standing in solidarity to honor the memory of loved ones lost in the conflict. Co-sponsored by the Parents Circle Families Forum and Combatants for Peace, the event had sister events and screenings in Gaza, Washington, London and other cities in the region and worldwide.

Despite tremendous obstacles, including the initial barring of Palestinians from attending the event, participants came together to honor their commitment to peace.

Community leaders, bereaved family members, children, and more spoke at the event and rallied the crowd around a cry for remembrance of the lives lost through the conflict.

Even in the face of deep sadness, however, speakers focused on pushing past their anger and grief and utilizing that energy to build the foundation and the strength needed to transform the conflict and create cooperation and equality for a future of peace.

At the event, Parents Circle Families Forum Co-Director Rami Elhanan stated:

I hope that people will learn to understand each other’s pain, to speak to each other, to learn to each other, and to respect each other. The ability to respect the guy next to you in the way you want to be respected is the essence of any kind of solution.

Watch the entire event with subtitles here.

Photo Credit: Parents Circle Families Forum

9,000 gather for a powerful 2019 Israeli-Palestinian Memorial Day

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